Our goal:

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Support the families of
political prisoners

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Making life easier for
prisoners in captivity

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Keep the topic in the
focus of national and
global media

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Address specific issues related to life and health, protection and liberation

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Assist in rehabilitation
and socialization
after release

Our goal: We fight for the release of relatives who occurred behind Moscow bars.

Activities of the Association:


Cooperation with Ukrainian authorities

and international partners, non-governmental organizations.


Recording war crimes

and crimes against humanity in Zaporizhzhia region.


Support for prisoners

Organization of public and non-public events to support prisoners.


Defense and release of prisoners

Uniting efforts of all concerned parties to jointly protect the rights and seek the release of prisoners.

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Board of the Association

Ihor Kotelianets

Head of the Board
Brother of former political prisoner Yevhen Panov

Petro Vyhivskyi

Member of the Board
Father of political prisoner Valentyn Vyhivskyi

Maryna Trofymenko

Member of the Board
Friend of political prisoner Volodymyr Dudka

Maryna Kiiashko

Member of the Board
Wife of political prisoner Ihor Kiiashko

The Association is a member of:

Coalition for the Protection of Prisoners of the Kremlin

The activities of the Coalition are focused on advocacy, release and protection of persons deprived of liberty for political reasons in the context of the international armed conflict in Ukraine. Link


The global coalition of civil society organizations driven by a common goal: to block access to the economic resources behind Russian aggression. We aim to restore the peace and security of Ukraine by asking responsible businesses to respect human rights in word and in deed. Link

Ukraine.5am Coalition

The coalition of human rights organizations collecting and documenting war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the russian armed aggression in Ukraine. Link

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